About Us


Visual Glow is a fansite whose sole purpose is to be committed and dedicated to the seven lovely members of Rainbow and giving back to their fans (Rain-nous) making sure that both Rainbow and fans are happy.

Like Rainbow’s goal is to spread the happy virus, Visual Glow’s goal is to spread it back to make it a full circle.

The fansite made it’s debut to the public on August 23rd, 2011 and is modeled upon the website Girl’s Day Daily, who are friends of ours that have inspired us to open our own fansite.

Visual Glow is committed to our moto of always making Rainbow and Rain-nous happy. It is fans worldwide who help make up who Rainbow is and it is the fans sharing, contributing, supporting and spreading word that makes everything possible.

Visual Glow is meant to be a place where fans can come together and appreciate Rainbow. Our goal is to introduce Rainbow to new fans internationally and to give back to the fans who have been supporting Rainbow since the first day they noticed them.

From the latest breaking news, information, videos, audio, photos, scans, fashion, translations, giveaways, projects & more, we hope to offer everything imaginable to give you your daily Rainbow fix at our site.

We like that we are a open public site with no restrictions on viewing any of the mentioned items we offer. The Rain-nous fan community means alot and shares alot, so it is only fair that everything be offered back to public freely with no limitations. We all love Rainbow, so that love should be shared all around. We hope to become your main source for your daily needs.


The name Visual Glow was developed from the fact that the members of Rainbow once said in a Y-Star profile interview that they were mainly there for visual reasons.  All the members of Rainbow have described themselves with the word Visual quiet a few times overall over the years. We also decided to chose visual because of the fact the girls love to take selcas alot.

The word glow stands for how Rainbow stands out personality wise. They all have glowing personalities, which each differ. Their music is also always different and leaves a warm glowing feeling inside their fans and of course they also glow while performing on the stage. One last reason glow was chosen is because it is another word for color in the thesaurus. Hence the name Visual Glow was born!

We wanted to be different and creative when we created our site name. We did not use typical words. We think we achieved that even though fans usually ask us why we choose the name we did. Once they hear our reasons they then fully understand it better ^^



Tommy (@SookieBunnie)


Keii (@vvoori)

Kirgar (@Kirgar)

Lys (@lysettefj)

Mariah (@2Kawaii4You__)

ohana (@ohana0817)

Rami (@sukinoeul)


Cy (@wooribean)

Jayden (@Jayden_WKT)

Sunny (@ssanilee)


Cy (@wooribean)

Lys (@lysettefj)


Cy (@wooribean)

Keii (@vvoori)

Lys (@lysettefj)

Rami (@sukinoeul)

Sunny (@ssanilee)


ohana (@ohana0817)

Tommy (@SookieBunnie)


Even though Visual Glow has a staff and was created by myself, our site has successful for all these years because Rain-nous worldwide equal one and always come together. It’s thanks to fans contributions that everything on our site ends up possible.

Be it sharing of photos, videos, tipoffs or through donations to make our projects come to life. Any success or accomplishments by Visual Glow are also your accomplishments. Everyone is a part of whatever we end up experiencing.

Our moments are Rain-nous moments. None of it be possible without those helps. We are one. We believe in a united fandom and helping each other out. It is your support, help and appreciation that makes us work harder as staff and show our appreciation back. We want to make Rain-nous happy while also letting Rainbow know they are loved and supported worldwide.

Visual Glow will always be here to cheer on Rainbow and try to give back to everyone as quick as we possibly can. We will always try to promote Rainbow and help them gain new fans while others get to learn about them more.

There are 7 colors of the Rainbow, but the colors are really one. They are united to make up that Rainbow. Visual Glow is the same way. We maybe made up with a staff, but we are one. Please never forget that. Everyone represents Visual Glow. Staff or not.

We will continue to go forward everyday with that stance. After all that is our theme. Unity and Strength. Thank you everyone for visiting and supporting our site xD


We try our hardest to provide everything as quickly as possible. We make sure to have material out in a pretty fast manner. All for free. There is no needing to register and login to view our posts. We don’t restrict you in any shape or form from anything. We also offer how to lessons on occasion. Not many sites would go through the efforts we do in terms of keeping lists and keeping them up to date. We keep actual lists of everything imaginable, including sponsorships. We also go out of the way to find ways to expand our site and give back to fans more. Be it through fan giveaways, fashion, ect.

At Visual Glow, we try to be organized, keep everything clean and easy to navigate to make fans lives easier. Most of our staff likes to keep a flow going, so not many things stall when we focus on them (like projects).


Crayola Subs is Visual Glow’s subbing team. The name Crayola was chosen because not only is it cute, but it represents a variety of things. Besides color, the word also stands for things such as creativity, styling and more. These exact things are apart of the subbing process. After all you want your subbing to look pretty, right?


DSP Media has acknowledged Visual Glow as Rainbow’s official international fansite. Rainbow has also shown their love to our site many times since we have opened. Yoon Hye, No Eul, Ji Sook & Hyun Young currently follow our Twitter and our site has also been mentioned in Korean press several times as well. Visual Glow was thanked in Rainbow Syndrome part 1 by Ji Sook and our site and staff are pretty much retweeted by the members daily when we share material with them.


Visual Glow does not condone the editing of fantakens. Fans who share and provide these materials take time out of their busy days to do this for us. They work hard and spend their work money. They travel far distances and sometimes don’t spend the day with their families if they are married and/or have children.

After they return home they spend the night or next few days editing their own photos before posting them to ensure the best quality possible. They go to great lengths to share this material with us. These fans are doing a nice gesture for free, so they should have their work respected.

When you edit a fantaken you are taking away what the fan worked hard for. It is almost like taking a identity away because their work has been altered.

As more fantaken edits occur, these fans become less and less inclined to share with the fandom.

All fantakens are credited and linked to their original content/post.

Please respect fantakens and do not edit the photographers work. Thank you!


All donations that Visual Glow receive are put towards support projects for Rainbow. If you wish to help us out, please send a Paypal payment of at least $10.00 USD to sookiebunnie@yahoo.com. We will list you in our donors list after we receive your generous offer. To avoid Paypal fees, please use gift or personal and then check off other.


If you have any questions or inquires about our site and/or Rainbow, you may contact us at sookiebunnie@visualglow.com.