(Announcement) Visual Glow to officially close this November

Upon talks with staff, Visual Glow has decided that this November we will be closing our site for good. The 6th Anniversary scrapbook will be our final project and goodbye. Over the last few months I have stressed to staff and fans that the survival of Visual Glow has depended upon the help of others. I made this no secret to everyone, so this sudden announcement should come as no surprise.

Recently we announced a setting where fans could register and contribute to Visual Glow on their own, but not many have used it. We stressed this was a important setting for the survival of the site. Overall, the past few months it’s been pretty much myself running the site and it is something I can no longer do on my own.

On top of this, our last few projects were canceled due to lack of participation and our scrapbook project as of now isn’t going any better and it too could lead to a cancellation, which is why I been tweeting for fan message participation everyday. In the past Rainbow’s hiatuses, fans would still contribute and participate to our projects and staff would help us update the site. This current hiatus however has been extremely different as it seems like the fandom has all but disappeared and is at some standstill. The international fandom is in a really bad state at the moment.

I’ve poured my love and passion into Visual Glow and Prismatic7/Aurora7 for over 7 years. It’s always been a joy of mine and my goal to make both Rainbow and fans happy, but as of late it feels like I no longer have a team, support of the fandom, etc. and the site has become less of a joy and more of a burden and chore to keep up to date. I’ve done everything I could for Rainbow and fans, but it feels like the site would be non-existent without me and that ultimately will never change (it has been 7 years now of the same thing and that is a very long time of no change). It will always end up be being me doing all of the work and as one person I can not handle that workload anymore. It is worse when you are running a site and also doing projects where I spend my or donors money and they end up going no where in the middle of them (not including the hate, hacks, etc. we’ve received over the years that have become very tiring as well).

A fansite only works and survives under teamwork, fan support and participation, 3 things Visual Glow has lacked for months now.

So sadly I’ve come to this decision that this is the end. Upon closure of Visual Glow, I will become a regular fan and my own source. I will update what I want, when I want without the stresses of running a site, having to handle projects, etc. I have to think of myself for a change rather then everyone else. I need to find my happiness as a fan again. My passion is somewhat lost at the moment. I hope to become more like the Korean fans and my friend Kazuma, fans who provide stuff happily without a site and expectations lingering over them. It does not mean I have left fandom or given up on Rainbow or anything. So thank you for all the good years and supporting us through the years. It’s been a fun ride and I apologize for being a failure of a owner in the end.

Though our site will not be closing until November there will be no further updates from Visual Glow going forward. We are only officially closing in November because that is when the scrapbook will be done and when our site hosting expires. For information for Rainbow for now on please follow @sookiebunnie @dreamoflove25 @colorfulprincss